About Me

Dopamine: the body’s feel-good reward chemical, triggered by addictive substances. For a nerd like me, that means blogging about books, gaming, TV, and science and technology. There are worse addictions to have, right? 

Name: Ellie

Background: Custom background of Biochemistry and Computer Science graduate. Now a security analyst who takes care of this wonderfully nerdy blog on the side.

Class: Life-long nerd. (I’ve occasionally been known to play a Druid or a Cleric too.)

Skills: I can relate any real-life situation to something that happened in a fantasy novel, video game, or superhero movie.

Weapons: The pen is mightier than the sword (at least I hope so).

Armour Class: 22. I’ve encountered a few trolls in my time.

I probably should have known this would happen when I started painting dragons at paint-a-pot while all the other kids were painting dolphins and kittens. Luckily, after I spent a summer watching voice actors play RPGs online, the realisation hit me. I am 100% nerd, and once the nerd life has you, there’s no getting out. It’s like picking up the One Ring: like what happened to Gollum, the molten lava of obsession is going to consume you in the end (spoilers). Only, being a nerd is less painful – that is, until George R R Martin kills off your favourite character.

So to ease the pain of nerd-dom, I’ve created this blog, so I can share my thoughts on all of my favourite books, TV shows, video games and films, with the occasional insight into my life.

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I always welcome comments, questions and any feedback; I’d love to hear your thoughts on any of the pieces I’ve written and geek out with any fellow nerds, so say hi!


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