Google, Sexism and Freedom of Speech

Do you want to know how many times I’ve heard that as a woman I’m somehow less capable of doing a certain job? That women are generally less intelligent than men, that they’re less hardworking, that they’re not as good at coping with high-stress jobs? Continue reading Google, Sexism and Freedom of Speech


‘Hidden Figures’: Film Review

I don’t watch a lot of “based on a true story” movies. In fact, most of the movies I watch are firmly rooted in sci-fi, fantasy and comic books. They couldn’t be any further from true. And it’s even rarer that I’ll really love a movie that doesn’t fall into these categories. But I’d heard great things about Hidden Figures, and as a woman in science and technology myself, I felt like this was a film I couldn’t miss… Continue reading ‘Hidden Figures’: Film Review

Fitness For Geeks: Running from Zombies

Because geeks need to look after our health as much as the next person, I’ve decided to make a couple of blog posts with some suggestions, some books, and some advice and quotes from some wonderful geeky people, to try to collect a few simple ways to look after your health, mental and physical, whilst exploring your favourite geeky interests. Starting with how to get fitter whilst running from zombies. Continue reading Fitness For Geeks: Running from Zombies

Meet Virtual Reality – and Meet its Limitations

With keen early-adopters starting to receive the Oculus Rift today, you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking that we’ve finally made it into the world of virtual reality gaming.
But despite how attainable this technology might seem, and indeed it is – the first Oculus Rift was hand-delivered by its creator, Palmer Lucky this weekend – the question still remains: is this technology ready to be adopted by the masses? Continue reading Meet Virtual Reality – and Meet its Limitations

States of Mind: Tracing the Edges of Consciousness Review

I have no shame in saying that I am a big fan of The Wellcome Trust. I have a lot of admiration for their ability to engage the public with science, and it was actually their editorial team who gave me my first ever paid writing job, an article about cell division for Big Picture. So naturally, the last time I was in London, I had to visit the … Continue reading States of Mind: Tracing the Edges of Consciousness Review

March’s Podcasts: Superheroes, Coding, and Game of Thrones

It’s been a busy few weeks, but here are two of this month’s Geek Show podcasts in case you missed them live (the final Geek Show podcast is on its way, but as a final podcast, I feel it deserves its own blog post). Check out our discussion of computer coding, superpowers, and graphic novels below: If you like Game of Thrones, our penultimate podcast should … Continue reading March’s Podcasts: Superheroes, Coding, and Game of Thrones

The Problem With Science Teaching

Not long ago, I attended a lecture about cancer biology. On the very same day, a major story about a potential cancer treatment was published in several national newspapers. But this wasn’t mentioned once in my cancer biology lecture, on a course supposedly at “the forefront” of scientific developments. In fact, the only time I can distinctly remember a lecturer applying scientific concepts to the “real … Continue reading The Problem With Science Teaching

Our Age of Anxiety

“Van Gogh, Isaac Newton: most of the geniuses and great creators were not tranquil. They were nervous, ego-driven men, pushed on by a relentless inner force and best by anxieties.”
25% of the US population are believed to experience an anxiety disorder at some point during their lifetime.
So is it any surprise that a book titled My Age of Anxiety became a New York Times Bestseller, and was shortlisted by the 2015 Wellcome Book Prize? Continue reading Our Age of Anxiety