New Things, Old Things: A Brief Life Update

I know what you're thinking: "I don't follow this blog for life updates! I follow it for lists about Stranger Things, and deep and meaningful thoughts on role-playing games. Where is the nerdiness?!" (Oh, you weren't thinking that...? Well either way, a life update is what you're getting.) Almost exactly three years ago, I started my undergraduate… Continue reading New Things, Old Things: A Brief Life Update


Graduation: a Three-Year Retrospective

It's not in my nature to get too philosophical about graduation, and I don't want to write a heartfelt blog that reads like an Oscars acceptance speech. But I want to use this as an opportunity to take stock of what I've achieved over the last three years, and not just in terms of blogging. University has been more than just learning biochemistry. It's been throwing myself in at the deep end, facing my fears, and discovering that there is no escaping the fact that I am indeed the big nerd I always suspected myself to be.

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The Problem With Science Teaching

Not long ago, I attended a lecture about cancer biology. On the very same day, a major story about a potential cancer treatment was published in several national newspapers. But this wasn't mentioned once in my cancer biology lecture, on a course supposedly at "the forefront" of scientific developments. In fact, the only time I… Continue reading The Problem With Science Teaching

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Why You’re Wrong About Government Plans To Prosecute Graduates Who Don’t Repay

Over the last week, words of outrage have begun to appear on my Facebook feed, all expressing horrified reactions to headlines along the lines of: "Government will prosecute those who fail to repay their student loans on time, warns Jo Johnson" - The Independent "UK student loans: 'we will trace and prosecute borrowers who don't pay'"… Continue reading Why You’re Wrong About Government Plans To Prosecute Graduates Who Don’t Repay

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An Introvert’s Guide To Freshers’ Week

For introverts, who tend to find social situations tiring and feel the need to recharge afterwards, the idea of living with strangers and being surrounded by tens of thousands of other students can seem particularly daunting. But that doesn't mean they can't enjoy or make the most out of freshers' week.

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How to Survive Your First Year at Uni: The Basics

So you’ve got your results, and hopefully you know where you’re going. Now the worry starts to set in. In this blog, I answer some of your biggest questions about university, even the ones you thought no-one else had. How scary is it to actually live independently? How am I supposed to deal with all… Continue reading How to Survive Your First Year at Uni: The Basics