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Your heroes are people too

They say you should kill your heroes. And as a geek, I have a lot of them, each one of them messy, complicated, and human, just like me.

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Blogging Level 2

In which I recap on my first two years of blogging.

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The Busy Introvert’s Dilemma

How do you find the energy to socialise when so many other things are already draining you?


New Things, Old Things: A Brief Life Update

I know what you're thinking: "I don't follow this blog for life updates! I follow it for lists about Stranger Things, and deep and meaningful thoughts on role-playing games. Where is the nerdiness?!" (Oh, you weren't thinking that...? Well either way, a life update is what you're getting.) Almost exactly three years ago, I started my undergraduate… Continue reading New Things, Old Things: A Brief Life Update

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What a Role-Playing Game Taught Me About Self-Image

In which 'Masks' taught me a new mechanic to add to the game they call "real life".


Graduation: a Three-Year Retrospective

It's not in my nature to get too philosophical about graduation, and I don't want to write a heartfelt blog that reads like an Oscars acceptance speech. But I want to use this as an opportunity to take stock of what I've achieved over the last three years, and not just in terms of blogging. University has been more than just learning biochemistry. It's been throwing myself in at the deep end, facing my fears, and discovering that there is no escaping the fact that I am indeed the big nerd I always suspected myself to be.


How to Recover Your Creativity

Dear creators: there will be days when you'll wake up so inspired and so full to the brim with ideas that there simply isn't enough time in the day to get them all down on paper. Those are the best kind of days. But then there are other days, days when you can't bring yourself… Continue reading How to Recover Your Creativity

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Am I Playing Skyrim Wrong?

If it's not my choice of weapon, it will be my choice of quests, how I spend my skill points (if you were wondering, this could be described as "haphazardly", at best), or if those don't bother you enough, maybe you just don't like my character's name. For whatever reason, I wouldn't be suprised if… Continue reading Am I Playing Skyrim Wrong?


“So You Think You’re Not A Feminist…” International Women’s Day Blog

Tomorrow marks International Women's Day: a day which has existed in some form since 1909, set aside to celebrate the achievements of women around the world and to serve as a reminder of the need for gender equality. Yet, as every day which illuminates the problems faced by a particular demographic (even one as big as… Continue reading “So You Think You’re Not A Feminist…” International Women’s Day Blog


Why ‘Hot Girls Wanted’ is Netflix’s Latest Must-Watch

So you've watched Making a Murderer, and now you feel like you have the knowledge and the passion to become a lawyer. Now it's time to turn your eyes to amateur porn. Yes. I just said that. Because the next Netflix documentary that's going to change the way you look at the world is Hot Girls Wanted, and if… Continue reading Why ‘Hot Girls Wanted’ is Netflix’s Latest Must-Watch