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Your Brain on Sugar

It's not just physical health that excess sugar can have an impact on. I discuss the effects sugar can have on the brain: from addiction, to anxiety and depression, to memory loss.

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Do We Really Want a Dislike Button?

Remember a few years ago when people couldn't stop talking about how Facebook needs a dislike button? Facebook have decided to listen, and I can’t help but wonder “why?” According to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, the button will enable users to easily express empathy when a friend posts about a negative event which users wouldn't feel comfortable liking,… Continue reading Do We Really Want a Dislike Button?

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Sunshine: Our Best Friend and Our Worst Enemy

In the midst of this lovely summer weather we've been having lately, I've spent the last few days hiding from the sun. Yes, hiding, not bathing in its golden light, occasionally rolling over to tan another part of my body, soaking up that vitamin D, but retreating into the shade, covering my ghostly white face… Continue reading Sunshine: Our Best Friend and Our Worst Enemy

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“It’s Just Hormones”

It's just hormones. What do you mean when you say that? Are hormones just pesky little gender-specific gremlins that can make us tearful or a bit snappy, or are they something more? Hormones are instrumental in so many processes, not just how we feel today. They don't just regulate your moods: they regulate your metabolism, your blood… Continue reading “It’s Just Hormones”