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My All-Time Top 5 Fictional Characters

It's been a little while since I last wrote a blog post, and honestly, I miss it, but find it so hard to find the time lately. So I thought I'd ease myself in to writing again with a little list. Here are my top 5 fictional characters of all time, the ones who have… Continue reading My All-Time Top 5 Fictional Characters


What I’ve Been Reading: September 2017 Book Reviews

I wrap-up this month's reads, including an epic fantasy conclusion, a non-fiction from Lena Dunham, a YA fantasy inspired by Harry Potter and fanfiction, and a classic.


‘The Tawny Man’ Trilogy by Robin Hobb: Series Review

“Remember with your heart. Go back, go back and go back. The skies of this world were always meant to have dragons."


What I’ve Been Reading: July Book Reviews

Just in time for YALC this weekend, this month I managed to cross a couple of books off my reading list, caught up with some Robin Hobb and read an anthology of non-fiction stories about geek girls and love. Here are my spoiler-free mini-reviews for everything I've read this month.


What I’ve Been Reading: May 2017 Book Reviews

This month, reading has given me a much-needed break from revision whilst I sat my exams. Here are the books I've been immersing myself in this month. Fool's Errand Robin Hobb Full review | Goodreads Fool’s Errand is the first book in Robin Hobb’s The Tawny Man trilogy, and picks up fifteen years after the events of Assassin’s Quest,… Continue reading What I’ve Been Reading: May 2017 Book Reviews

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Meeting Robin Hobb // Current Geeky and Non-Geeky Favourites

In this post, I talk about what it was like to meet one of my favourite fantasy authors, and discuss the TV series, films, books, and everything else I've been enjoying lately.


‘Fool’s Errand’ by Robin Hobb: Book Review

“You have been with me, as close as the tips of my fingers, even when we were years and seas apart. Your being was like the hum of a plucked string at the edge of my hearing, or a scent carried on a breeze. Did not you feel it so?”