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YALC Haul // Current Geeky & Non-Geeky Favourites #6

I talk you through my YALC book haul, along with the TV shows, fan-art and other things I've been enjoying lately.

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My Weekend at MCM London Comic Con

So I wanted to write a blog post to round up my experience of London Comic Con this weekend. But three days of panels, interviews and sweaty tube journeys, and four articles and a blog later, I could not be more shattered. So instead, in what some might call "lazy journalism", but what I would… Continue reading My Weekend at MCM London Comic Con

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Twitter Reacts to the Star Wars Rogue One Teaser

Today saw the much-anticipated release of the first teaser trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Unsurprisingly, the internet simply could not cope with the Rogue One teaser, and pretty much exploded in response. #RogueOne quickly rocketed to the top of the trending topics list on Twitter, and very soon, my timeline began to flood… Continue reading Twitter Reacts to the Star Wars Rogue One Teaser


4 Women Who Inspire Me – International Women’s Day 2016

Happy International Women's Day! To celebrate the day, I wanted to tell you about just a few of the many inspirational women on this Earth. Disclaimer: some of the following women may or may not be fictional. (Second disclaimer: this list is subjective and I know how the internet feels about subjectivity. Third disclaimer: I have never actually… Continue reading 4 Women Who Inspire Me – International Women’s Day 2016

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The Geek Show: Superheroes Special

I thought I would share with you my latest project. The Geek Show was born from a shared love of all things considered "geeky" or "nerdy". I wanted to showcase geek culture, and represent what is a very large, yet under-represented community at our university, and decided that making a radio show to celebrate the best… Continue reading The Geek Show: Superheroes Special

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The Science of Ant-Man

In this spoiler-free article, I look into the science behind Marvel's Ant Man and whether he (or she!) could ever really exist.