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The scientist’s brain and the artist’s heart

I used to think I was a scientist: all logic, and reasoning, good grades and smart choices. Now, I'm starting to think I might be an artist after all.

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New Year’s Goals for Exploration

As you'll know if you've been following my blog for a while, each year I set myself goals. These goals usually relate to my personal life, writing, work, and health, and are usually tied together by a common theme. This year's theme is exploration. I spent a lot of last year trying to find my… Continue reading New Year’s Goals for Exploration

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Challenging Myself To Be More Creative With My Blog

When you've been doing something for a couple of years, it's easy to fall into habits. This is true of pretty much everything: we learn something new, and then we grow used to it, get comfortable, build up routines. Each morning, I wake up at the same time, I brush my teeth before I shower,… Continue reading Challenging Myself To Be More Creative With My Blog


How to Recover Your Creativity

Dear creators: there will be days when you'll wake up so inspired and so full to the brim with ideas that there simply isn't enough time in the day to get them all down on paper. Those are the best kind of days. But then there are other days, days when you can't bring yourself… Continue reading How to Recover Your Creativity

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The Love Triangle Between Science, The Arts, And Me

I remember the day I told my English literature teacher that I wouldn't be continuing with the subject anymore. He was disappointed that his subject had "lost me to science", and so was I. It was one of my favourite subjects, and the only one I studied that really let me have true creative freedom.… Continue reading The Love Triangle Between Science, The Arts, And Me

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Introverts: A Neglected Creative Resource

This post is part of a short series I have written on introversion and extroversion. Read my previous two posts: The Lonely Introvert and Born To Be Wild (Or Not) to find out the difference between introverts and extroverts, and whether there is a biological basis for this difference. "I wish she'd contribute more in class" "She needs to speak… Continue reading Introverts: A Neglected Creative Resource