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The Problem With Science Teaching

Not long ago, I attended a lecture about cancer biology. On the very same day, a major story about a potential cancer treatment was published in several national newspapers. But this wasn't mentioned once in my cancer biology lecture, on a course supposedly at "the forefront" of scientific developments. In fact, the only time I… Continue reading The Problem With Science Teaching

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Epigenetics: When Nature Meets Nurture

We often think of the content of our DNA as the inevitable part of ourself, the things we can't change no matter how much we try. Meanwhile, the other factor in who we are, how we look and how we act, our environment, is the opposite, changeable, open to manipulation and within our control. But… Continue reading Epigenetics: When Nature Meets Nurture

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Could Caffeine Reduce Stress?

We all know caffeine for its benefits as a pick-me-up, providing us with a burst of energy and alertness, whether it's the force that gets you out of bed in the morning, or the fuel that helps you finish that last-minute essay at 3am. Some of us might know it as something that makes us… Continue reading Could Caffeine Reduce Stress?

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The Science Behind Depression

Depression is the most common mood disorder in the UK, affecting 8-12% of the population in any year (although statistics on this tend to vary), but still a lot of us know relatively little about it. While temporary negative feelings are a completely healthy part of life, they can become a serious problem when they… Continue reading The Science Behind Depression

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We Are All X-Men: What Is a Mutation?

When we hear the word mutation, it conjures to mind hideous images of human-fish hybrids that might come swimming away from Chernobyl, animals with two heads and Caesar from Planet of The Apes. But in reality, mutations can be much more subtle than that. Mutations can happen on such a small level that you can't… Continue reading We Are All X-Men: What Is a Mutation?