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11 YouTube Channels I Want You To Know About

Recently, I've been watching a lot of YouTube. Here are some channels, from educational, to vlogs, to sex and relationship advice, that I think you should watch.

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Your heroes are people too

They say you should kill your heroes. And as a geek, I have a lot of them, each one of them messy, complicated, and human, just like me.


How to Recover Your Creativity

Dear creators: there will be days when you'll wake up so inspired and so full to the brim with ideas that there simply isn't enough time in the day to get them all down on paper. Those are the best kind of days. But then there are other days, days when you can't bring yourself… Continue reading How to Recover Your Creativity

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How to Survive Your First Year at Uni: The Basics

So you’ve got your results, and hopefully you know where you’re going. Now the worry starts to set in. In this blog, I answer some of your biggest questions about university, even the ones you thought no-one else had. How scary is it to actually live independently? How am I supposed to deal with all… Continue reading How to Survive Your First Year at Uni: The Basics