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Do We Really Want a Dislike Button?

Remember a few years ago when people couldn't stop talking about how Facebook needs a dislike button? Facebook have decided to listen, and I can’t help but wonder “why?” According to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, the button will enable users to easily express empathy when a friend posts about a negative event which users wouldn't feel comfortable liking,… Continue reading Do We Really Want a Dislike Button?

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Teenagers and the Trouble with Sleep

Anyone who’s ever so much as met a teenager will know the turbid relationship between teenagers and sleep. At 10pm, they couldn’t be further apart, yet come 7am, they’re inseparable from their bedsheets. Is this because of their penchant for video games and Facebook which draw their eyes until the early hours of the morning? Is… Continue reading Teenagers and the Trouble with Sleep

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The Science of Ant-Man

In this spoiler-free article, I look into the science behind Marvel's Ant Man and whether he (or she!) could ever really exist.

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Why Does Rejection Hurt? “Because it Mattered”

“Why does it hurt?” I demand, head in my hands as I read yet another e-mail informing me that I didn’t get the job. If you’re a fan of John Green, you might answer “because it mattered”, while if you’re a presenter for an ultra-cheesey educational TV show, you might say “because of science!” Both might… Continue reading Why Does Rejection Hurt? “Because it Mattered”

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The Problem With Velociraptors

Now, I love the Jurassic Park films as much as the next person. Like most nerds, I think dinosaurs are super cool, and pretty exciting, kind of like dragons, only I'm much more certain that dinosaurs actually existed (I’m still crossing my fingers that dragons are real). But like most sci-fi franchises, the Jurassic Park films, and… Continue reading The Problem With Velociraptors

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Epigenetics: When Nature Meets Nurture

We often think of the content of our DNA as the inevitable part of ourself, the things we can't change no matter how much we try. Meanwhile, the other factor in who we are, how we look and how we act, our environment, is the opposite, changeable, open to manipulation and within our control. But… Continue reading Epigenetics: When Nature Meets Nurture

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Could Caffeine Reduce Stress?

We all know caffeine for its benefits as a pick-me-up, providing us with a burst of energy and alertness, whether it's the force that gets you out of bed in the morning, or the fuel that helps you finish that last-minute essay at 3am. Some of us might know it as something that makes us… Continue reading Could Caffeine Reduce Stress?

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The Power of Cute

How do you feel after looking at this picture? Do you want to cuddle it, squeeze it, look after it? Did you let out an involuntary “aww” or find yourself smiling unexpectedly? As odd as it might sound, why we react this way to “cute” things, and how exactly we can define the word “cute”… Continue reading The Power of Cute

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Sunshine: Our Best Friend and Our Worst Enemy

In the midst of this lovely summer weather we've been having lately, I've spent the last few days hiding from the sun. Yes, hiding, not bathing in its golden light, occasionally rolling over to tan another part of my body, soaking up that vitamin D, but retreating into the shade, covering my ghostly white face… Continue reading Sunshine: Our Best Friend and Our Worst Enemy

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Can Video Games Make You Smarter?

Recently, I stumbled across an article which suggested that children who play single player video games do better in school than those who don’t play video games, and those who play multiplayer video games. After seeing this (and wondering about what it is that makes single players "better for your brain" than multiplayer games), I… Continue reading Can Video Games Make You Smarter?