Top 5 Wednesday: Characters You’d Invite to Your New Year’s Eve Party

I recently discovered a weekly blogging prompt, called Top 5 Wednesday, created by YouTuber, Lainey, now hosted by Sam from ThoughtsOnTomes. I thought this was such a cool idea (and has the potential to really help with those times when I find myself stuck for inspiration!). After noticing that this week’s theme is “five characters you’d invite to your new year’s eve party”, I knew I had to join in. I won’t be posting Top 5 Wednesday blogs every week, but I’m going to try and write one occasionally. If you want to find out more about the prompt, there’s a Goodreads group here.

Before starting this, I’ll have to admit that I am really not the kind of person who is particularly thrilled by the idea of New Year’s Eve parties. I would much rather be having a night in with some co-op video games, movies and plenty of snacks. However, if there were fictional characters involved, I think I might make an exception. Here are the five characters I would invite to my party.

Patrick – The Perks of Being a Wallflower

patrick perks.gif

Every party needs a party-person, and that could definitely be Patrick. Patrick is such a vibrant, optimistic character, who could light up any room. He’s also incredibly inclusive and makes a huge effort to make Charlie feel included at the start of Perks. 

Cath Avery – Fangirl


Cath doesn’t like parties. But I would invite her anyway, because then we can huddle together when the craziness of New Year gets too much, and talk about Simon Snow instead. We could probably spend the entire evening talking about books, and would have a lot in common.

Tyrion Lannister – A Song of Ice and Fire series

Tyrion gif.gif

If there’s going to be a fictional party, I couldn’t possibly host it without Tyrion. Things might get a little dramatic with Tyrion around, but what’s a New Year’s Eve party without the drama? Tyrion would definitely liven up the proceedings, and as long as there’s enough wine to go around, I think he’d have a good time.

Alana – Saga

Alana Saga.jpg

This party is going to need someone who can keep strong personalities like Tyrion in check. I think Alana would help with that. As an ex-soldier, she would make sure things didn’t get too rowdy, and as a mother, she would look after anyone who needs it. She’s also a straight-talker, so I get the feeling we would get on well.

Fred and George Weasley – Harry Potter series

fred and george harry potter.JPG

Fred and George are the entertainers of this bizarre group I’ve created. We all know they would be great company, and keep everyone smiling as they bring in the new year. Even Cath would love them. They would be sure to pull some sort of prank on the guests, and I’d hope there would be some magical fireworks when it strikes midnight.

So those are the five (though technically six, because unlike J.K. Rowling, I couldn’t possibly separate Fred and George… *sobs*). Other honourable mentions would be the tenth Doctor, and Merry and Pippin from Lord of the Rings. They might be an odd bunch, and maybe they wouldn’t get along together, but I suppose that’s why I’m not a fictional-party planner. Yes, that’s the only reason.

Who would you choose?

Images: Summit Entertainment, Noelle Stevenson/St. Martin’s Press, HBO, Fiona Staples/Image Comics, Warner Bros. Pictures.

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