New Things, Old Things: A Brief Life Update

I know what you’re thinking: “I don’t follow this blog for life updates! I follow it for lists about Stranger Things, and deep and meaningful thoughts on role-playing games. Where is the nerdiness?!” (Oh, you weren’t thinking that…? Well either way, a life update is what you’re getting.)

Almost exactly three years ago, I started my undergraduate degree in biochemistry at the University of Birmingham, from which I graduated a couple of months ago. But as it turns out, I wouldn’t be staying away for long. I’ve decided to return to the University of Birmingham for my MSc in Computer Science!

Some of you internet-friends and followers might be a little bit surprised by this – you might have thought I was going to study journalism (which at one point, I had been seriously considering), or something else involving writing, since I seem to do that so often. As much as I love writing my blog, reporting on all the gloriously nerdy things going on in the world, and picking up the occasional bit of freelance writing work, I’ve decided to take my studies in a different direction. Obviously, blogging and journalism are going to remain some of my favourite hobbies – that is, until the vortex which is a masters degree in computer science swallows me whole and I disappear into my computer forever. So I won’t be disappearing from the blogging world just yet. Or hopefully ever.

Computer science is something I just keep coming back to, and I know I’d be missing out if I didn’t take this opportunity to really get into it. I’m really excited about this, and I can’t wait to learn more about artificial intelligence, learn new programming languages, get creative with code, and experience all of the wonderful geekery that is computer science. This means you’ll probably seeing computing creeping into a couple of my posts, and more than a few of my tweets over at least the next year, and most likely, beyond that. For now, I’m still a computer science noob, so unless it can be helped with some beginner python or html5, please don’t come to me with your computing problems just yet.

I’ll try to keep you updated with any cool projects I work on, and of course, I’ll continue to bring the nerdiness on an almost-weekly basis (workload-permitting).

In other news, I’ve got a couple of really cool blog posts coming up, and I’ll be visiting EGX in Birmingham this weekend, which will be my first time at a convention as just another gamer, and not a reporter (sad face because this meant paying for a ticket, happy face because I get to do whatever I want and won’t be frantically writing at midnight on Saturday). If you’re going to be at EGX, make sure you say hey, and I’m sure I’ll be writing up a blog post about the experience early next week.

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