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Day 1 at MCM London Comic Con – Cosplay Cosplay Cosplay

The first day at an MCM Comic Con tends to be the quietest. I say this as though I’m an expert – I’ve been to three conventions in my entire life, which is less than most cosplayers attend in a year.

But even on the quietest day of a convention, there’s plenty to see. The VidFest, Platinum and MYM Buzz stages were up and running, and cosplayers roamed the exhibition halls. I also got to see an exclusive preview of the #LGBTSuperheroes trailer, part of a campaign to increase representation of LGBT superheroes in films (which I’ll be writing a blog about next week when it launches officially).

This blog post is all about the first sign you’re at a convention: the cosplay. There were so many amazing cosplayers today, and I only wish I could have had enough time to speak to them all. Here are some of the cosplayers I met and spoke to on Friday.

The first cosplayer I spoke to was CosQueenie, who was cosplaying Connor from Assassin’s Creed III.
CosQueenie as Connor

What is your favourite thing about cosplay?

“My favourite thing about cosplaying is that you can be anybody you want to be, and be free, rather than [having] judging eyes everywhere you go… at comic cons, I can be anyone who I want to be and people won’t judge me. They accept who you are.”

What made you decide to cosplay as Connor?

“I cosplay Connor because Assassin’s Creed III was actually one of my favourites. Although it had a really bad critique because it wasn’t like Ezio, and because it wasn’t like Brotherhood or the original Assassin’s Creed, I actually really enjoyed it… Connor was different. He wasn’t French, or Italian, he was from a culture which was outside of all that. He was able to become an assassin by working hard because he wanted to avenge his clan.”

Both Milena and Anja decided to play different reincarnations of Doctor Who. They came to the MCM expo all the way from Switzerland, despite it being finals week!
Milena (left) as the Eleventh Doctor, and Anja (right) as the Tenth Doctor)

What got you into cosplay?

“I think it’s a love for costumes. I really like making the costumes. And I’ve also done LARPing before, so that’s what sort of got me into it.”

Why did you choose to cosplay the Eleventh Doctor?

“He has always been my doctor. I even have the screwdriver.”


What is your favourite thing about cosplay?

“I love theatre, and being someone else. Acting is one of my hobbies – and also my love for costumes and sewing.”

Tilda and Emilia decided to bring a bit of Pirates of the Caribbean to the expo, cosplaying Elizabeth Swann and Tia Dalma/Calypso, respectively.
Tilda as Elizabeth Swann (left) and Emilia as Calypso (right)

Why did you choose to cosplay Elizabeth Swann?

“I really like historical costume, it’s what I study at university, and I enjoy Pirates of the Caribbean, despite the fact that the costumes aren’t always spot-on, and I really like this dressing gown. I found this fabric from Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia, it’s a reproduction of an 18th century print, I found that, and really fancied making this.”

When I told Tilda that my complete lack of sewing ability stops me from creating cosplays, she insisted that I try it.

“It just takes practice! There are so many tutorials online, and so many people are willing to help and give advice. If you want to try it, give it a go.”

What is your dream cosplay?

“I want to do Cinderella’s ballgown from the new film, so I just need the space to make that. That would be a dream.”


Why did you choose to cosplay Calypso?

“I love her! I thought it would be a great challenge, and I just love everything about her. I think she’s really amazing. I have to connect with a character before I cosplay her. I also thought it would be a great time to go around all day, acting like a voodoo queen.”

What’s your favourite thing about cosplay?

“It’s a chance to be someone else for a day and challenge yourself to discover new things, and learn new techniques. I love films as well, and details in costumes.”

Tino was cosplaying Tony Stark/Iron Man, and has been doing so for about four years.
Tino as Iron Man/Tony Stark

How did you get into cosplay?

“When I first came to a con, I didn’t have a costume, saw all these people around in costume, and thought, ‘that looks like a lot of fun’, so at the next convention we went to, a group of us said ‘let’s go as the Avengers”, and I said I would go as Iron Man. So I bought a onesie kind-of-thing, and a plastic mask, and it stemmed from that. And I’ve evolved into what you can see today.”

What’s your favourite thing about cosplay?

“The people. It’s getting a chance to socialise with people who have the same interests as myself. It’s just so much fun being around people who get it. It’s definitely the community. You wouldn’t come here over and over again, just to have pictures taken of you in costume. That’s not enough. It’s that social aspect, you make new friends, long-term friends.”

And because you can never have enough of the Tenth Doctor, here’s Alex Beament’s cosplay.
Alex as David Tenant’s Tenth Doctor

What’s your favourite thing about cosplay?

“It’s just something different. When you walk up to someone, unlike anywhere else in London, you can say the character’s name and you’re instantly friends.”

What is your dream cosplay?

“I’d really like to make my own characters. Could I get away with coming up with something of my own?”

Here we have Vision, cosplayed by Molly, Scarlet Witch, cosplayed by Sarah, and Quicksilver, cosplayed by Nora.
Nora as Quicksilver (left), Sarah as Scarlet Witch (centre) and Molly as Vision (right)

Why did you choose to cosplay Vision?

“I already knew how to do this, this face bit, and the rest of this outfit is actually my work uniform! So that was the easiest thing in the world, and I am all for easy. But the paint gets everywhere. I can’t hold anyone’s hand, it’s really sad!”

What is your favourite thing about cosplay?

“One of my favourite things is just being on the tube and getting people staring at you really weirdly… it’s just fun. It’s just fun being with your friends and doing cool stuff and acting out cool stuff.”


How did you get into cosplay?

“I think it all started when we filmed this fan video for Martin Freeman, and we didn’t think anything would come of it. We decided to make a video, made costumes, and just went for it.”

What is your favourite thing about cosplay?

“Probably just that I don’t have to hide, I can be myself, gender-wise.” [At this point, Vision/Molly chips in with an excited “yessss, that’s what I wanted to say!”]

“I can be a man whenever I want to. It’s a good opportunity to be myself.” [“Damn, that was really good,” Vision/Molly interjects.]


What is your favourite thing about cosplay?

“Partly the same stuff the others have said. And also connecting with other people you don’t know. Fandom connects you. It brings fans together.”

Talking to all the cosplayers, I can’t help but feel that they really do have the right idea about how to make the most of life. They’re getting involved in their hobbies, they’re always meeting new people, and above all, they really get the idea of acceptance, and being yourself.

I had a great first day at the convention, and I can’t wait for the next two days.

The cosplayers I spoke to today are only a small sample of the amazing and talented cosplayers at comic con, and with the World Cosplay Summit Qualifiers happening on Saturday, there are bound to be even more to see.

P.S. If you’re one of the cosplayers I met and you’re reading this, thanks so much for stopping to speak to me, and please feel free to comment below and say hi! It would be great to hear from you again.

5 thoughts on “Day 1 at MCM London Comic Con – Cosplay Cosplay Cosplay”

  1. Hi Ellie! I was the excited Vision ^^ I really love this article! Your writing style and the format are both great, and I loved talking to you!
    Also you are so sweet! I feel really flattered about what you said generally!
    Hope to see you/read more of your work soon!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Molly, thank you! I’m really glad you liked it. I tried something a little different with the format of this one, so I’m glad it worked! I really enjoyed talking to you too, going to a convention alone is a lot more fun when there are so many cool people to talk to 🙂 Hope to hear from you soon!


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