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Top 4 Season Finales

To celebrate the final episode of The Geek Show, here are my top 4 season finales of all time.

4. Supernatural – Swan Song

The final episode of Supernatural’s season five could have been the end of Supernatural. The last we would have seen of the Winchester brothers would be Dean, bloodied and bruised and helpless on the floor, whilst Sam and Adam hurtled into Lucifer’s “cage” in Sam’s final act of self-sacrifice.

It would have been the perfect (but heartbreaking) ending to the series, and although it’s been enjoyable since, with countless new characters who have since become fan favourites, many Supernatural fans believe the show had reached its conclusion back in season five.

3. Doctor Who – Doomsday

Nothing hurts a fangirl like seeing her OTP torn apart by separate worlds. The Doctor parting from his companion is always a sad moment for Whovians, but this one seemed to hit fans particularly hard. As if to add insult to injury, in the pair’s final goodbye, we see the Doctor cut off mid-sentence, just as many fans believed he might be about to reciprocate Rose’s feelings for him.

2. Sherlock – The Reichenbach Fall

There was no way I was about to miss this episode from my list. This was the Sherlock episode which seemed to invoke chaos across the UK. Viewers everywhere were left reeling in the wake of Sherlock’s season two finale, as the entire country struggled to figure out just how he did it. The speculation continued well into the next year, right up until the wake of the next season, as the episode was scrutinised by viewers countless times, and fanfiction writers hurried to scribble down their theories before someone else did.

1. Hannibal – The Wrath of the Lamb

As an avid fan of anything Hannibal Lecter-related, I had high hopes for The Wrath of the Lamb, knowing that it may well be the last I would ever see of Bryan Fuller’s both mesmerising and gruesome TV series. And it didn’t disappoint. The Wrath of the Lamb gave Hannibal fans, (and particularly Hannigram-shippers) an ending they could only have dreamt of previously. It was at once heartbreaking, beautiful, and deeply satisfying.m Despite leaving us unsure of whether our most beloved characters survived their final fall, it felt right. Few TV series could leave an ending so ambiguously, yet leave their viewers so satisfied. Although Bedelia’s final cut-scene implies that Hannibal and Will survived their fall, viewers can only imagine what might become of their tempestuous relationship.

Although a lot of fans have demanded a fourth season for the show which deserved so much more time than it was given, in a way, maybe it’s best that the series ended here. Whilst undoubtedly it would have been even better to see two more seasons of Hannibal, culminating in this same masterpiece of a finale, now that it’s been shown, it might be best that this is where we leave Hannibal. Even if the series does return one day, or if we do see a movie, it’s hard to imagine how they could wrap up this story in a more fitting way. For now, the rest is left to the fanfiction-writers to decide.

Listen to The Geek Show’s final podcast here:

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