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Bring Back Co-op Gaming

If it wasn’t for co-op gaming, I wouldn’t be into gaming. I probably wouldn’t have begged my parents for a PlayStation One; I wouldn’t have returned to the gaming world with an Xbox 360 years later, and I wouldn’t have had a hilarious time playing both Lego: Star Wars and Portal 2 over the last year.
All I want is an evening in with two controllers, splitscreen, and a bag of tortilla chips (maybe throw in a fancy bottle of wine). Is that too much to ask from my favourite video games?
Great blog post on why we should bring back my favourite gaming genre.


3 thoughts on “Bring Back Co-op Gaming”

  1. I agree, I never saw the point to take it away in the first place. I guess to only push multiplayer? Games were originally meant to play via couch co-op like in an arcade. Bring it back, it really can’t be that hard for developers to do

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    1. I think the reason must be that with the huge amount of processing power most games now use, and the intense level of detail they want to add, that there needs to be a compromise somewhere. Maybe to have both splitcreen and those new innovations in gaming, games would take too long to be made, or the processors wouldn’t be able to handle the inputs of two players at a time – but I don’t know. It’s definitely a shame though that so few games have co-op or splitscreen options, because co-op gaming can be such a social activity when you’re in the same room, and online multiplayer comes with a whole range of inconveniences on consoles (though on PC it’s a little easier). There should definitely be more splitscreen/co-op enabled games. Even Star Wars Battlefront has very little to offer in terms of splitscreen gaming.

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      1. That’s true, next-gen consoles are so “power-packed” that developers don’t want to waste their high end specs and graphics on wasted time in co-op split screen games. Oh well, I still have my GameCube for some old school Mario Kart co-op, if needed lol


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