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Why you don’t play The Witcher 3 with your grandparents


In my first ever Twitch stream for Redbrick Gaming, I was joined by Mason to talk button bashing (don’t do it kids), Yennefer (on a barrel?), and what we like about the game (that is, other than Yennefer).

After the first hour of gameplay, Mason left me to spend the next hour of my life in a room alone, effectively talking to myself, with nothing but mysterious Twitch chat strangers and the comforting words of Geralt for company.

For those of you who missed Sunday’s stream (shame on you), I’ve posted the video below so you can witness just what happens when I’m faced with the prospect of talking to myself for an hour, and hear exactly why you shouldn’t play The Witcher 3 on a great big HD TV while your grandparents in the room (hint: it involves Yennefer).


You can catch my next stream this Sunday between 6 and 8pm on Redbrick Games. This time, I’ll have a mini-map, and will have two whole hours to go stir-crazy and talk to myself (sorry Mellie-shippers). Hope to see some of you there!

Oh, and another thing – while I’m plugging my other projects, I also have an internet radio show going live on Burn FM this Saturday, 1-3pm, where me and two guests will be discussing the Marvel and DC characters we’re looking forward to seeing on the big screen in 2016.

Featured image screenshot by: JP Freethinker on Flickr

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